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(Move the circles)


Three layers are positioned on top of each other. Each time a user clicks, the layers render between one and three glyphs, chosen at random from a predefined set of characters (which includes fifty spaces for variation). Each text layer has its own color — blue, yellow, magenta, and each is configured to mix with the other layers using the CSS method mix-blend-mode: multiply which produces a total of seven possible resulting colors.
Quisque id pretium ex. Aenean tincidunt iaculis quam. Nullam elementum convallis massa, in molestie elit porta in. 

rgb(26, 200, 252)
rgb(255, 212, 56)
rgb(252, 15, 105)
rgb(59, 168, 75)
rgb(92, 38, 107)
rgb(245, 0, 11)
rgb(90, 31, 34)

Color Typer by folkert.linkInformation
Type: Garage Gothic by Tobias Frere-Jones